Physics at Work conference: call for presenters

12 April 2011

The University of York with IOP Yorkshire Branch, and NYBEP, is planning a “Physics at Work” conference for Year 10 pupils to be held in the Physics Department at The University of York on Thursday 16 June and Friday 17 June.

Institute of Physics News

We are currently planning the programme for the Thursday, repeated with slight changes for different schools on the Friday. 

The aim of the conference is to demonstrate how the physics pupils are learning at school is used by a variety of people in their work. 

This is a pilot project along the lines of the RSC “Chemistry at Work” events. 

There are two ways that IOP members could participate: firstly, through providing one of the morning workshops in the form of an interactive presentation which will explain the applications of physics in an easily understandable way. Secondly, through taking part in a “Physics Speed Dating” session which would involve you in talking about your work to a small group of young people to help them understand the applications of Physics. 

Pupils gain a lot from conversations with scientists, as one remarked after one in school event “I had thought that science qualifications only led to – like – doctors or teachers. I am surprised just how many jobs there is that need science.” 

To find out further information, or to volunteer, please contact Catherine Brophy, STEM Partnership Adviser, at NYBEP (Email:; Telephone: 01904 693632)

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