Quantum Spookiness with Dr Irene D'Amico

17 June 2013

Dr Irene D'Amico from the University of York gave a fine talk on 'Quantum Spookiness' on 13 June to an audience of about 50 persons.

Her talk described the nature of the quantum state by using flowers of different colour to show how quantum states are different from classical states and how the wave function collapses when the system is observed.

Dr D’Amico then went on to talk about Quantum Entanglement and how pairs of photons can remain entangled even over distances of millions of light years and when one photon is observed, the wave function of the pair collapses instantaneously (i.e. faster than the speed of light).

This led to the subject of quantum encryption and the possibility to send signals from one place to another with absolute security.

A further topic of discussion was quantum computation and how certain classes of mathematical problems can be solved at much greater speed than classical computation methods. This was due to the nature of quantum parallelism which Dr D’Amico described.

There were many questions asked at the end of the lecture and the speaker was kept busy by interested attendees well after the end of the lecture.

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