Science through story telling at Horley library

18 March 2019

On Wednesday 27 February, Heather Campbell, Elizabeth Cunningham and Olivia Keenan, all south central branch committee members, read to around 20 children, their parents and grandparents at Horley library.

Horley library story telling session

The story called ‘the falling down question’ explores how a little girl and her grandma learn about gravity by watching seeds and leaves falling off trees in the park during autumn. Stories like these help bring science into the everyday narrative for children from a young age, and help parents and guardians feel more comfortable discussing science topics with children at home.

After the story we got everyone involved in two activities. During the first everyone made paper helicopters and experimented with different ways of dropping them and adding weights to see how things changed. The second involved dropping feathers in different ways – and a competition to see who could keep their feather afloat for the longest – which caused much excitement and chaos in the library!

We received very positive feedback and plan to try our third science story at Farnham library in April.

Watch this space for more news as the project progresses.

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