Winchester Science Festival

10 August 2017 | Source: Winchester Science Festival

The South Central Branch Committee were proud to sponsor the Winchester Science Festival 2017, which took place on 28th – 30th July at the Winchester Discovery Centre.

Throughout the weekend thousands of visitors attended the Winchester Science Festival, enjoying a wide variety of interactive exhibits, and attending talks covering a variety of STEM topics.

Representatives from the South Central Branch Committee, Chantal Nobs, Tracey Holmes, Martin Jones, Helen Clark, and volunteers Rebecca Nettleship and Chris Clark, encouraged visitors to try out a number of physics busking activities and handed out hundreds of IoP goodie bags. The activities included straw oboes, amazing marshmallows, balloon kebabs and bouncing bubbles, all organized by South Central Branch Committee member Chantal Nobs. Details of these experiments and many other physics busking activities can be found on the Physics to go web page. Chantal also provided the closing talk for the festival, comparing the differences between nuclear fission and fusion, and discussing her current research at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. Chantal designed two demonstrations for her talk: a mousetrap fission reactor, and a beach ball fusion reactor, ending the festival with a bang!

The IoP stall was packed throughout the entire weekend, and even saw repeat visitors. Chantal’s talk generated loads of interesting questions, especially from the younger members of the audience, including “Why don’t you fuse something heavier in JET, like iron?” and “If you could invent anything you want to make fusion easier, what would it be?”

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