The Big Bang Fair South East

10 July 2017

The Big Bang Fair South East took place at the South of England Showground on 28th June.

The event saw more than 8,000 9-19 year olds and their teachers enjoying a day packed with exciting shows, interactive displays and hands-on workshops all focused on science and engineering.

Throughout the day representatives from the South Central Branch Committee, and volunteer Rosanella Di Costanzo, provided a variety of physics busking activities. These activities included straw oboes, amazing marshmallows, erupting fizz and balloon kebabs, all organised by the Regional Officer for London and the South East, Dr Olivia Keenan. Details of these experiments and many other physics busking activities can be found on the Physics to go web page. South Central Branch Committee member Ian Galloway also posed an array of physics puzzles to challenge the students to find explanations.

All of the demonstrations proved very popular, particularly the straw oboes, and the IoP stall was packed throughout the event. Many interesting questions were generated from students as they interacted with the stall. Wearing an "Ask me what I do" badge, South Central Committee member Chantal Nobs spent much of the day discussing her research as a physicist at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy with students and teachers.

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