Matt Taylor Talks to IOP South Central Branch

11 February 2016

On 9 February Dr Matt Taylor, Rosetta project scientist at the European Space Agency, came to Sussex University to give his talk, 'The Rosetta mission: What? Where? How? And where is it now?'

Matt Taylor Talks to IOP South Central Branch

During the talk school students from St Richards College got the chance to build artificial comets using dry ice, sand and soot at the front of the lecture theatre. Dr Matt Taylor then treated the audience to an overview of the ten year lead up to landing on a comet for the first time in history.  He spoke about many interesting facts along the way including the idea that if you jumped up on the surface of P-67 more than 4 cm, you would not return back to the surface. At the end of the lecture Matt was trapped by a large number of people who wanted to know the answers to more and more questions and were reluctant to let him go!  

The branch would like to thank Matt for a really humorous and informative talk about this great mission.

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