London and South East branch takes Physics to the Cubs

11 December 2017

Over two weeks the 41st Medway Bulldog Cub Pack in Mafeking Road, Walderslade, Kent worked towards their Scientist activity badge.

Twenty three children ranging in age from 8 to 10 participated in the hands on sessions. In order to be awarded the badge they were required to take part in six experiments, then discuss the process and what they discovered.

As well as investigating the interaction of forces, the badge requirements necessitated them doing at least one experiment involving chemical reactions and one involving living things but there was an unfortunate lack of exciting experiments that were both simple and safe enough for the age group to actively participate in while being quick enough to fit within the required time frame of the two evening meetings. The leaders were introduced to the Marvin and Milo experiments by a member of the IOP and found these were ideal. The Cubs therefore used four of the Marvin and Milo experiments, alongside one each from the other categories. As can be seen from the photos, the Cubs got involved with great enthusiasm and interest. Using the simple cartoon instructions to investigate the natural forces at play in the different experiments.

The most popular, of course, were those that involved the Cubs getting to play with water and messy cornflower concoctions to experiment with the principles of physics they were discussing.

Thanks in part to the Marvin and Milo experiments, the Cubs really enjoyed obtaining their Scientist Activity badges, and were additionally very grateful for the fuzzy bugs and stationery given them by the IOP.

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