Lecture: Poisons

18 June 2015

Dr Kathryn Harkup came to the University of Surrey on 11 March to give an IOP South Central Branch talk on the subject of poisons. Dr Harkup currently works as a science communicator and has a background as a chemist.

Lecture: Poisons

The branch welcomed a talk from one of physics' allied subjects - providing a light-hearted account (to the extent that such a subject could be light-hearted) about the chemistry and history of compounds injurious to human health.

During the talk Dr Harkup gave a tour of poisons throughout history: their chemistry, the way they work, and the (often gruesome) ways in which they have been used. Dr Harkup was modest enough during her talk not to advertise her soon-to-be-published
book on the subject, but if the talk is anything to go by, expect it to be a treat.

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