WOOFYT at Boxmoor

12 May 2015

Jeremy Sampson ran four WOOFYT workshops for local schools at St Johns Church Boxmoor on 11 May 2015.


Each session began with musical games followed by a talk that included how sound gets to our ears, echoes, non-return valves, long and short organ pipes and this section ending ending with a short session on a swanee whistle.

The highlight of the day is playing the WOOFYT which requires teamwork, two to the pump, four to the air bag keeping the pressure constant with reference to the u-tube manometer and one person to each pipe.  Renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were heard throughout the day.

Thanks go to Hetfordshire Music Service, who helped with the organisation of the day and also St John’s Church volunteers for their organisation of the day and use of their venue.

Some pupils from the following schools were involved: -

South Hill School

Chaulden School

St. Albert the Great

Boxmoor School

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