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Open day at Southampton General Hospital 2014

4 November 2014

This was the fifth year that Southampton General Hospital has opened its doors to the general public to demonstrate the amazing work which goes on every day and allow people behind-the-scenes access to surgical theatres, clinics and even the air ambulance.

Southampton General Hospital
Credit: Jane Spring

Medical Physics had a strong presence at the open day with representatives from Radiotherapy, Ultrasound, MRI, Radiological Physics, Radiation Protection, Physiological Measurement, Research and Development and Nuclear Medicine. There were two areas in the hospital in which physicists, technologists and radiographers were engaging with the public to explain their roles within the hospital; a stand in the hospital canteen and the Nuclear Medicine Department which was opened up for the occasion.

On the IOP sponsored stand there were various interactive activities for visitors to get involved in such as making bangles out of thermoplastic used to create patient immobilisation devices in the Mould Room in Radiotherapy, and using a contamination monitor to locate a smoke detector hidden in a sealed box. In the Nuclear Medicine Department there were various games and presentations which visitors got involved in, including a demonstration of the function of a gamma camera, and a game of matching nuclear medicine scans to illustrations of the organs being imaged.

Overall the day was enjoyed by all and we received a lot of interest from students, patients and physicists from other fields.

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