Magic Bullets and Plastic Sponges

1 November 2013

On Wednesday 30th October 2013, London and South East branch chair, Dr Mark Telling, gave an engaging presentation about neutron-based research and the role it plays in developing new bio-technology.

Research that utilises the quantum-physical properties of the neutron happens daily; not just around the world but also in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside at a laboratory which houses what The Guardian describes as, “one of the most extraordinary machines ever built".  Unfortunately, few have the chance to witness this ‘machine’ or even know exists!

In this newly devised outreach lecture, Mark invited the audience to peak behind the curtain and learn exactly what neutron research entails, how this tiny particle illuminates our macromolecular world and how he uses an experimental method known as neutron scattering for his own bio-physics based studies. The talk considered all aspects of neutron science, from infrastructure, neutron beam generation and experimental method, and concluded by illustrating how this sub-atomic particle is helping advance drug delivery; in particular the treatment of breast cancer.

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