Early career physicists wow London and South East branch members in just 3 minutes!

13 December 2013

On Tuesday 10th Dec 2013, nine budding early career physicists wowed members of London and South East (LSE) branch by communicating their research in just three minutes.

Early career physicists wow London and South East branch members in just 3 minutes!
The 3-minute wonder contestants and judges. From left to right (back row): Mark Telling (LSE branch chair), Kelly Vaughan (AWE), Edward Doddridge (Oxford), Anthony Lim (Imperial College), Emily Grace Williams (RHUL), Radu Sporea (Surrey), Anna Posazhennikova (RHUL), Nazim Hussain (Oxford), David Wilkinson (Portsmouth). Front row: Helen Thomas, Helen Docherty, Fran Scott, Helen Czerski, Katie Hassell (Astrium) and Rizwana Shelley (LSE branch secretary)


Their presentations were entries in the LSE branch heat of the IOP's national "3-minute Wonder" competition - an event that challenges researchers in physics-related fields (in industry or academia) to explain their work to the public in – you’ve guessed it – just three minutes.

The participants could use one PowerPoint point slide, one video but as many props as necessary to publicize their work. Each contestant was scored by a panel of judges with points being awarded for physics content, presentation skill, level of engagement and entertainment value - but also deducted should the presentation finished above or below the 3 minute mark!

The judging panel consisted of established science communicators - Fran Scott (BBC Worldwide, Radio 4), Helen Thomas (BBC science producer), Helen Czerski (UCL, BBC) and Helen Docherty (Voltage Productions) - whose insight and feedback about the art of science communication proved invaluable.

All presentations were inventive and entertaining and ranged from discussing energy barriers in terms of winding mountain roads to a novel interpretation of an Enya CD! Joint winners were Kelly Vaughan (AWE) who discussed the use of MOFs (not the winged type!) for the detection of radiation and Emily Grace Williams who rapped about the detection of dark matter.

Kelly and Emily will be invited to compete again early next year in the grand final against the winners from all the other IOP 3MW regional competitions.

Looking forward to it!

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