Neutron beams and laser lights illuminate Marlow

10 December 2013

On Friday 6 December 2013, London and South East branch Chair, Dr Mark Telling, and STFC Central Laser Facility scientist, Dr Ceri Brenner, inspired students and teachers alike at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow with a joint outreach event to communicate how neutron beams and laser lights illuminate our world.

Neutron beams and laser lights illuminate Marlow

To commence, Mark focussed on neutron-based research, the role it plays in developing new bio-technology and invited the audience to peak behind the curtain to learn exactly how he uses neutron scattering for his own bio-physics based studies. The talk considered all aspects of neutron science, from infrastructure, neutron beam generation and experimental method, and concluded by illustrating how this sub-atomic particle is helping advance drug delivery.

Afterwards, Ceri illustrated the importance of super intense lasers, how STFC’s Central Laser Facility brings together petawatt laser systems and international scientists and how this winning combination unlocks a wealth of inspiring plasma research; from mimicking astrophysical plasmas in the laboratory and future energy solutions in the form of laser fusion energy to compact, ultra short sources of high energy radiation for medical and industrial applications.

Ceri and Mark hope to tour their joint outreach presentation during 2014. If you are interested in having the pair speak at your school please contact Mark at

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