National Science and Engineering Competition March 2013

2 April 2013

The competition was held at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London. Judging day was 14 March 2013. Marta Caballero, L&SE Branch, and Chris Shepherd, IOP Education Department, were the judges for the IOP physics prize.

They had plenty to visit and were busy most of the day.  After deliberation they decided that Edward Duckworth of The Thomas Hardye School with his project 'Tidal waves: An investigation into the tidal effect on spectrogram background noise' was the IOP winner.

Professor Peter Kalmus was a judge in the science and maths senior stream and Bob Boutland in the intermediate stream.  Alison McLure (IOP National Officer for Scotland) was paired with Bob Boutland for a tour of Cloud formation on Earth and Mars, Film Interferometry, Dark Matter & Energy, Mobile Phones, Playing music through foil in a magnetic field, Cracking and Backyard Science.

The Science Museum’s Communication Prize went to Tolani Oyediran, Amirah De Bourg of La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School with their project How strong is Velcro? They were the winners of the branch physics prize in the London region event. 

The Sustainables had a visit from the Prime Minister and also won the The UKFT Textile Edge Prize. (The team were Klara Prela, Swetha Thayalasamy, Fionnuala Greensmith, Celine Ababio, Kelly Bocarro, & Shannon Taylor from the Ursuline Academy Ilford with ‘What makes the best insulation & mud as a building material?’)

The National Science + Engineering Competition - Intermediate Science & Maths Winner were Moiz Ali, Zak Andrabi, Zain Anwar, Hamza Sardar, Stretford Grammar School with ‘Making clouds in a bottle: A study and analysis of cloud formation on Earth and Mars’

Lisa Patterson, Aimee Russell of the Ballyclare High School and their project ‘Playing music through foil in a magnetic field’ was one of the National Science + Engineering Competition - Intermediate Science & Maths Highly Commended projects.

National Science + Engineering Competition - Senior Science & Maths Runners Up  included Claudia Fryer of Upton Hall School FCJ with ‘My summer with Archimedes: Measurement of compact porosity using a volume displacement method.’

UK Young Scientist of the Year was Emily O’Regan, Newcastle College with ‘An investigation into the courtship, mating systems and time budgeting of a captive flock of Chilean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis) with respect to breeding success.’

As usual the IOP had a physics stand under the guidance of Caitlin Watson

The full list of results.