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Another damp but good walk - REMS Capital Ring Walk

14 September 2011

On 27 August 2011 Margaret Stedman took us from Greenford to South Kenton. These walks are through parks and open spaces in the suburbs of London but not as far out as the Loop walks.


The first part was along a Grand Union Canal path where we saw a large terrapin sunning itself, cunningly photographed by Mike Quinton. 

A little while later we struggled up Horsenden Hill with good views over London when the heavens opened and we donned wet weather clothes. 

To the south was the Dorking Gap in the North Downs, Heathrow airport and further west Windsor Castle. 

After some pavement walking through Sudbury Hill, we should have ascended Piggy Lane to Harrow-on-the -Hill but the waymark was missing and we were looking for somewhere to have lunch. We actually walked two sides of a triangle. 

After the struggle up the main road into Harrow, we were delighted to find a good Italian restaurant (La Collina) where we had a reasonable rest with good food. 

Next door is the “Old Etonian” (in Harrow) which also serves good food. There was said to be a pub down West Road but we did not want more hills at that stage. 

West Road is a little like the famous Gold Hill in Shaftsbury. 

The oldest building is on the highest part of this narrow hill and is St Mary’s Church which has Norman foundations and still has the Norman Pillars. 

Other buildings range from the Georgian and Regency periods to the present but most are much altered. The school is in the middle of the town in Victorian buildings (some of us hated the style). 

The views from the hill of the city showed there was not far for the pupils to go from school to work. We descended the hill, through the sports fields and along a very slippery path to South Kenton. A hilly but good day.

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