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Crime, Radio and Smart Buildings

23 November 2011

At our Kent Centre on 22 November Dr John Batchelor examined the early success of radio by the Marconi Company in arresting Dr Crippen on his arrival - by liner - in New York.

Crime, Radio and Smart Buildings
Dr Isenberg, Dr Batchelor and Dr Kemp

Dr Batchelor also examined  the role played by radio in rescuing passengers from the Titanic disaster and the subsequent mobile phone revolution.

One current problem is the smuggling of mobile phones into prisons in order to organize crimes and escapes. 

Dr Batchelor and his team have produced materials that can be incorporated into walls that will prevent prisoners communicating with the outside world by stopping transmission through the walls, but will allow warders, operating at a different frequency, to contact each other. 

This was a wonderfully clear lecture containing examples of these new materials.

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