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London and south east region Big Bang

27 June 2011

The event led by Engineering UK was held in the Science Museum with organisation by STEMNET and incorporates Crest Awards, National Science and Engineering Awards Young Engineers and Stem Clubs.

Stands were provided by many of the major Institutions.

The IOP Physics Stand proved very popular. Lee Crouch (Regional Officer, South East) and the team of volunteers were kept very busy. Every time I passed by students were several deep watching the demonstrations and the sound of the straw flutes attracted plenty of attention.

Committee members of our London & SE Branch were also involved as judges for a Physics award. Dr Barbara Gabrys, Prof. Peter Kalmus, Dr Mark Telling & Bob Boutland had a difficult job in deciding awards as there was plenty of physics in the varied projects. 

It was pleasing to see so many projects with aspects of Physics

The Branch Senior Award went to Simon Langton Grammar school for their C.L.E.A.R device vs Geiger Müller detector presentation and the Junior Award went to Lorelle Mason and Jyoti Punja of Harrow High School for their Olympic Flame ideas using parabolic mirrors. 

These awards were made after the CREST and Young Engineer prizes.

This was the first time that IOP certificates had been available to the branch so each member of the above Award teams also received the new IOP certificate.

The branch judges were also impressed with the presentation of Jack Bowen with his Stirling Engine model, so it was decided to award him a certificate at his Stand. 

Similarly Ballard High School had a range of presentations with their Gravity display particularly appealing to the Branch Judges and it was decided to award the School a Branch Certificate, again this was presented at the stand.

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