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Diverse Audience for Inaugural Lecture

31 January 2011

The newly set up Berkshire Centre’s inaugural lecture was held at AWE Aldermaston on January 17.

(Left to Right) Eamonn Harding, Stephen Elsemere, Peter Knight and David Parkes

For a first time event the lecture was very well attended with 120 people packing into the William Penney theatre to see Sir Peter Knight’s lecture “From Bits to Qubits.”

Eamonn Harding, AWE’s Head of Profession for Physics, welcomed everyone to the lecture before introducing Peter Knight. 

Peter gave a very engaging lecture covering some of the information processing tasks peculiar to the quantum world such as secure encryption, quantum teleportation and algorithmic speedup. 

The audience was a broad mixture of students, teachers, physics professionals and even some none physicists. Despite the mix of abilities Peter’s lecture was very well received and enjoyed by all.

The success of the event means that lecture at the Berkshire Centre will continue. A further 3 lectures are planned this year. Details will be released through the London and South East Branch as soon as speakers have been confirmed.

The event was organised by David Parkes ( and Stephen Elsmere ( Please contact them for details of future events or to volunteer as speaker. 

We would like to thank all at AWE who helped make the event a success and the Boundary Players who kindly let us use their stage and equipment.

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