Volunteers needed for Physics in the Field at “Africa Oye”, 20-21 June 2015, Sefton Park, Liverpool

1 June 2015

This summer, the IOP will be taking physics to festivals and events around the country, engaging thousands of families and young people with physics busking, and we need your help. Could you volunteer for a stand in Liverpool on 20/21 June?

Physics in the Field balloon kebab skewer demo

Physics busking involves performing physics tricks – small handheld demonstrations which help illustrate an area of physics – and encouraging visitors to try the tricks themselves. By busking at non-science events we aim to raise awareness of physics among people who wouldn’t normally choose to seek out science. You can find examples of physics tricks at www.physics.org/tricks. The volunteer’s role is to encourage visitors to try the different tricks we have available, talk to them about the physics behind the tricks and, when the opportunity arises, describe some of your own projects or work in physics for those more interested visitors. 

All volunteers will receive full instructions and training on how to perform the physics tricks. The training and experience you receive will be an excellent introduction to physics outreach as well as building important transferable skills. We will also pay your travel expenses and subsistence while at the event and give you a free T-shirt to wear.

For this particular event, we have teamed up with STFC to have a joint stand, so not only will there be the usual range of tricks with everyday science, but also some demos with some bigger physics kit. We will be running a full stand from noon until 7pm, but also some limited activities until 9.30pm.

So we are mainly looking for volunteers from noon until 7pm, but if you can stay until 9.30pm that would be great. We would be happy for offers for part of that time, or the full day.

If you are interested in helping, please contact louise.butcher@iop.org, stating which day(s) you are volunteering for, and your rough location (it would also be helpful to know whether you are registered as a STEM ambassador, and whether you have volunteered at any Physics in the Field events before).

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