Biomaterials in the treatment of vision loss

17 April 2014

On 27 February, the Merseyside branch held a joint meeting with the Liverpool Medical Institute on the topic "Biomaterials in the treatment of vision loss". Professor Rachel Williams gave a talk concentrating on the biocompatibility of materials for such treatment.

Liverpool Medical Institution

The extent and quality of the biological response to any implanted material depends on the surface properties of the material and the reaction of those properties to the biological interface.  The end point of much of the research work that Professor Williams described is to modify the surface properties of the implanted material to optimise biocompatibility whilst not affecting the bulk properties of the material itself. Professor Willams described work at Liverpool university aimed achieving this goal, with the potential to improve treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinal detachments and cataracts.

A full report of the talk can be read here