Particle Physics: Past, Present and Future - a new exhibition

3 February 2014

A new exhibition at the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery & Museum charts the contribution of the University of Liverpool to the field of Particle Physics – Past, Present and Future.

From the ground-breaking work of Oliver Lodge and three Nobel Laureates - Barkla, Chadwick and Rotblat - to the present ongoing work at the forefront of particle physics research, the exhibition aims to ‘demistify’ particle physics for the general visitor whilst exhibiting some of the fascinating machinery that has been used in the pursuit of new breakthroughs. On display will be the Rotating Condenser from the 156” Synchrocyclotron, the Liverpool 10” Bubble Chamber together with projector and measuring table, the Dees from the 37” Cyclotron, a Radial Drift Chamber, part of the MAP 1 prototype computer - and more - all against the backdrop of a life-sized image of a Higgs event in the LHC.

This promises to be a fascinating exhibition for anyone with an interest in the history of Particle Physics, or the engineering that has made it possible.

The exhibition opens on 8th February, and museum opening times and visitor information can be found at

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