Second Engaging Girls in Physics Workshop 2015

17 July 2015

The second Engaging Girls in Physics workshop was held at Loreto College on 8 June. The event was organised by Yasmin Andrew at Loreto College for the Institute of Physics and The Ogden Trust.

Second Engaging Girls in Physics Workshop

Girls remain severely under-represented in post-16 physics across the UK. In 2014, 54,400 boys sat A-level maths, but only 34,400 girls did; 26,600 boys opted for A-level physics, compared with a mere 7000 girls. Clearly there is something about physics, or how it is perceived, that discourages girls in the UK.

The aim of this workshop was to consider the latest research in gender-sensitive teaching, gender-responsive learning, the discussion of active approaches for attracting girls to physics through teaching and learning strategies, methods to include positive role models, classroom management and progression at the key stages of physics education. The workshop sessions included ‘Gender Aware Teaching Practice’, by Dr. Karen Bultitude, University College London, ‘Breaking Down Barriers: Teenage Girls’ Perceptions of Engineering as a Study and Career Choice’, by Dr. Jane Andrews, Aston University, ‘STEM Ambassadors: role models and context to increase engagement’ by Roderick Hamilton, STEMnet, and ‘Physics teaching and learning – sharing best practice’ by Dr. Frank Kearns, Loreto College, Manchester.

The workshop was well attended by educators from secondary schools, further and higher education institutions from across the country. The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for discussion and dialogue and potential collaborative projects were identified. The third Engaging Girls in Physics workshop is planned for 2017.

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