Pub quizz at the Derby Centre

22 September 2016

On Thursday 25th August (the 4th anniversary of Voyager 1 passing into interstellar space, the 40th birthday of actor Alexander Skarsgård, and the 100th anniversary of the US National Parks Service) the Derby IOP Centre held their third annual Pub Quiz. The venue was the top floor of the Waterfall pub, which is conveniently located opposite Derby train station and had ample room for the close to 100 attendees.

Following a buffet and a chance to grab a drink from the bar, the quiz began. As in previous years, Mike Skinner acted as quizmaster and kept the evening running smoothly. There were around 100 questions in total, with rounds covering topics such as history, sport, literature, music, geography, films & TV, and of course a little physics!

As question setter, taking over for the first time this year, I maintained the established tradition of making our quiz one of the more varied and mentally challenging around.

Questions included:
• Who was the first Holy Roman Emperor?
• What is the least densely populated country in Europe?
• What film is surrealist artist HG Geiger known for his work on?
• Who is the last person to have walked on the moon?
• What physicist famously said ‘It’s nice to be right sometimes’?

The winning team, the concisely-named Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory (or AFPFTNF for short), walked away with a selection of beers, while the second and third placed teams Inquizzitorials and Add Hock took away chocolates and a cupcake platter.  The unlucky team in thirteenth and final place were presented with a pair of marigolds so they can ‘clean up their act’ in time for next year!

Everyone I spoke to after the quiz said how much they had enjoyed the evening, complementing the interesting and challenging questions.

(A: Charlemagne, Iceland, Alien, Eugene Cernan, Peter Higgs)

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