Picture competition winners awarded prizes

4 November 2015

The winners of the East Midlands IOP picture competition were awarded their certificates and book tokens on 22 October.

The winner of each category received a £50 book voucher and a specially printed certificate which included their photo.

David Thomson was the overall winner and his photo can now be seen on our webpage. We intend to use the photos on further publicity materials.

Secondary school and overall winner: David Thomson with his photo of a solar farm

Secondary school and overall winner, David Thomson









Primary School Category winner: Isobel Steele, aged 6, with her photo of Skegness beach

Primary School Category winner, Isobel Steele

Isobel has already decided how to spend her winnings. As Isobel’s primary school emblem is a Seahorse, she has chosen a fiction and non-fiction book about Seahorses to donate to the school library and she also plans to buy a book about stars and a superhero book with the rest!




Open: Joint winners

Jannette Warrener attended on behalf of Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor’s photo of Woolsthorpe Manor, Isaac Newton’s birthplace. Jannette Warrener attended on behalf of Woolsthorpe Manor.

And Stavroula Neroli with her photo entitled Spinning Around the East Midlands. Unfortunately she was unable to attend the awards.

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