IOP Derby Centre pub quiz

17 August 2015

Wednesday 5 August saw the second annual pub quiz event organised by the IOP Derby Centre.

IOP Derby Centre pub quiz

The event has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the toughest quizzes around, with 10 rounds of devilishly cunning questions, this year culminating in a match the physicist to their equation round.

The event was sold out yet again, with additional seating having to be provided on the rooftop terrace to accommodate everyone. The event kicked off with a finger buffet while teams pondered on a witty team name. Of particular note were the three-strong team ‘Top, Bottom and Strange Quarks’ and the all-male ‘Brotons’. Congratulations to the five-strong team ‘Not Even Wrong’ on an incredible winning performance and special thanks to both the question writer and question master that made the night as special as it was.

For anyone that missed out I’m sure the quiz is set to come back in 2016 and here’s a question from this year’s quiz to keep you thinking until then.

Q: Why would somebody be annoyed if Joseph Bonaparte’s chamber pot was used for what it was originally intended?

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