Derby centre pub quiz

22 August 2014

On Wednesday 6 August the IOP in Derby hosted its first ever pub quiz.

Derby pub quiz

As the event neared its start it became clear that the free buffet had tempted a few more quizzers than were expected and the participants were soon spilling out of the official quiz room onto the sunny balcony.

A total of 13 teams entered, but from the start it was clear that not everyone was in the running. Expertly guided by quizmaster Michael Skinner, the teams fumbled, estimated, and guessed their way through rounds such as “Get Physical”, “Elsewhere”, “Musical Animals”, to the final round naming pictures of famous physicists.

After the dust settled a much humbled team from the IOP Derby committee had landed somewhere near the bottom of the middle of the pack, while the Quizzicists scooped a well-deserved first place. So ended a highly successful first event that may well develop into an annual occurrence.

Many thanks go to quizmaster Michael Skinner; Anne Till who did an excellent job writing the 110 questions; and the mastermind of the operation Alexandra Milligan.

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