East Midlands IOP AGM 2014

6 August 2014

This year the AGM was held at Abbey Pumping Station Museum, Leicester, on a warm sunny summer evening. It was attended by 23 members.

Abbey Pumping Station Museum

First there was a guided tour of the highlights of the museum by one of the curators. The steam-powered pumping station was opened in 1891 and closed in 1964. It made a vital contribution to public health and was built to prevent the recurrence of a series of cholera outbreaks in Victorian times caused by contaminated water. After 1964 it became a museum of science and technology. The workshop with vintage machine tools still used by volunteers caused much interest.

This was followed by a buffet with an opportunity to converse and look at the IOP literature on the stand of regional officer, David Wilkinson.

Branch Chair Prof. Roger Eccleston reviewed the activities over the past year including the 3 Minute Wonder competition, in which Dave Farmer of the East Midlands was national runner-up, as well as lectures, visits and Physics in the Field events. He invited further nominations for the Branch Committee.

The AGM concluded with a well-illustrated and clearly explained talk about the development of ammonia borane pellets as a fuel for transport by Prof. Stephen Bennington from Cella Energy Ltd. Hydrogen needs to be highly compressed, typically to 850bar to provide a sufficiently compact energy source for motor vehicles. The pellet source avoids the use of hazardous high pressures and temperatures.

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