East Midlands IoP Sponsor Nathan at the UK Astrobiology Academy

29 November 2013

The East Midlands IoP sponsored Nathan Brackenbury’s travel to attend the UK Astrobiology Academy.

Nathan, from Beauchamp College, was selected to represent Leicester at the UK Astrobiology Academy. The academy is a NASA-affiliated I week residential course for 16-18 year olds based at the University of Edinburgh. Students on the course competed to win a 6 week research placement at NASA AMES.

Here’s what Nathan had to say about the experience...

The access I had to professors and PhD students in Edinburgh gave me a great advantage when applying to university. It was a very good thing for me to put on my UCAS form. As I am applying to do Biology with Spanish I benefited most from the scientists in biological fields, however I very much enjoyed talking to physicists about interesting things such as achieving the speed of light, and what would happen if it was achieved. Also meeting all of these scientists was a good networking opportunity, as one day they could help me gain employment in a science related field.

Over the week we spent time in laboratories in Edinburgh University, the Royal Observatory and gave presentations to the public at the botanical gardens. We received seminars spanning several areas of science, including: geology, biology, chemistry and physics. We looked at how all four of these relate to potential life on other planets, and the origin of life on our own. We also had a webcam chat with astronaut Tim Peake.

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