Dave Farmer wins IoP East Midlands 3 Minute Wonder Competition!

29 October 2013

On 23rd October a strong crowd of over 60 people gathered to watch 7 contestants compete in the IoP East Midlands 3 Minute Wonder Competition.

Dave Farmer wins IoP East Midlands 3 Minute Wonder Competition!

The contestants were given 3 minutes in which to amaze and dazzle the audience by explaining their current research. Each talk was judged by a panel of experts in a strictly come dancing style score out of ten. Points were also deducted for running over or under the allocated 3 minutes.

The judging panel consisted of Phil Moriarty from Univeristy of Nottingham, Barry Turner, Senior Lecturer in Broadcasting and Journalism from NTU, Ian Barnett, Physics teacher from Nottingham Girls’ Academy and Deborah Phelps from Rolls-Royce.

The seven contestants were Andrew Stannard from Nottingham University, Kelly Morrison from Loughborough University, Dave Farmer from Nottingham University, Arnesh Vijay from Warwick University, Kyle Baldwin from Nottingham University, Joe Brennan from Nottingham Trent University and Nishad Karim from Leicester University. The battle to impress the judges was close with only a single point between first and second place.

The runner up was Kyle Baldwin who despite having a broken collar bone presented his research on tektite formation; molten rock ejected from meteor impact sites flash frozen mid-flight, as a function of angular acceleration, cooling rate and viscoelasticity.

The winner was Dave Farmer who describes his research as “hitting things with a stick and watching them wobble, except in my case the stick is actually a laser and the stuff I'm hitting is thin films of plastic 1000 times thinner than a human hair! I do this to try and make highly advanced sensors”.

Dave and Kyle took home cash prizes of £250 and £100 respectively. All contestants and judges received a Marvin and Milo book. Dave will be entered into the grand final due to be held next year.

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