First East Midlands IOP AGM

19 August 2013

The first AGM for the East Midlands Branch, since the Midlands branch split into East and West, was held on 26 July 2013.

Greens Mill

Twenty eight physicists were welcomed to Green’s Mill in Sneinton on a warm sunny evening where they enjoyed a fun and informative physicsy evening with plenty of food.

David Wilkinson, our Midlands Regional Officer, gave everyone the chance to find out just what ‘physics busking’ is all about and have a go at all the tricks. Everything from sticking sticks through balloons without them going bang to making tame tornados. Many of the tricks can be found on the Marvin and Milo website for anyone who wants to try them at home.

We were also treated to a fascinating tour of the Mill, where we heard all about the workings of the Mill and also the life of miller and mathematician George Green.

After a short update on what the East Midlands branch have been up to, the evening concluded with a very interesting talk by Dr Haida Lang, Nottingham Trent University, on Physics for Art and Archeology.

All the leftover food went to the volunteers of the Mill for their day trip the following day.

Thank you very much to all the members who came along and got involved. The feedback we’ve received suggests you all enjoyed yourselves which is fantastic to hear. The AGM has boosted the number of committee members and has been a brilliant start to our second year as the East Midlands branch.