Physics in the Field time again!

12 June 2013

This year the East Midlands branch have organised and supported two extremely successful Physics in the Field Events.

Physics in the Field balloon kebab skewer demo

The first was at Nottingham and Newark County Show – 11-12 May 2013.

And the second at Lakeside Children’s Festival 1-2 June 2013.

Our team of volunteers dazzled and amazed the general public with ‘physics tricks’ that they could try for themselves. These are fun, simple, demos made from things you can find at home to help illustrate different areas of physics and let people try them for themselves. 

We had members of the public, old and young, trying everything from sticking a skewer through a balloon without it going pop; to launching film canister rockets. We estimate we engaged with a whopping 850 people at Nottingham and Newark and 1600 at Lakeside – which is phenomenal. 

Thank you very much to the 15 amazing member volunteers who gave up their time to enthuse the public – one of them was there on all four days!  

By performing physics tricks at non-science events we aim to raise awareness of physics among people who wouldn’t normally choose to seek out science.

If you missed us at these events but would like to try the tricks for yourself you can find them on

And if you’re interested in volunteering in the future please email your details to me at and I’ll keep you updated with all our outreach events.