Derby Centre for the Institute of Physics Launches

30 May 2013

The Derby Centre for the Institute of Physics (IOP) launched its programme of events on 13 March with an Inaugural Lecture given by Dr John Bridges of Leicester University.

Innovation Awards

Dr Bridges, one of the few UK members of the science team for the Mars Curiosity Rover, gave a talk to a sell-out audience at Derby University on his work looking for signs that Mars could once have supported life. 

The talk was a huge success, even warranting a brief mention on BBC1’s East Midlands Breakfast news, and will followed up by a series of similar events running throughout the year.

The Derby IOP Centre formed in late 2012, and has since then been working on putting together a series of public lectures, details of which can be found on the IOP East Midlands Branch calendar. As with all public IOP Lectures, the talks are free to attend for everyone, whether they are a member of the IOP or not. 

The current programme in Derby is aimed to be accessible to anyone with an interest in Physics, from members of local industry, to school students, to the general public.

The committee of the Derby IOP Centre is keen to organise events that appeal to as wide a range of people as possible. If you have any suggestions for talks or other outreach events in the Derby area please email the Derby IOP Centre Chair James Davies (