Applied Physics Seminar Series (APSS) Mobile Healthcare: Opportunities, challenges and prospects.

6 March 2014

Prof Chris Lowe from the Institute of Biotechnology, Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, opened the new applied physics series of talks laid on by the Cambridge Committee of the IOP last night.

The talk focused on the new and emerging technology of localised assessment of health and ways in which this can be transferred from patient to doctor with out the need for appointments or hospital visits. 

The use of different technologies using holograms, tattoos, contact lenses, breath analysis amongst others were all shown to be ways in which the information can be taken from the patient quickly and easily and transferred to a network using the patients own mobile phone.

The future of this type of this type of patient analysis looks very promising. A very interesting talk which was enjoyed by the audience. Look out for the next talk in this series which will be at the end of April dates, time and location to be confirmed but check the members newsletter and branch calendar for more information.

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