Physics at Work 2013

2 October 2013

Cambridge University and IOP East Anglia run ´Physics at Work´

Cambridge University and IOP East Anglia run ´Physics at Work´

The Cavendish Laboratory hosted this years 'Physics at Work' which was held over three days. The events attracted companies from across the nation and the schools came from as far a field as Wales and Yorkshire.

The impact of the event was easy to see on the faces of the students, there was plenty of interaction from the different displays and exhibits and the student got fully involved in all the activites. From Rolls Royce to levitaiton there was plenty to set their minds thinking and the aim of allowing the student to see different applications of physics in the work place really hit home.

There is a booklet produced which details all of the companies taking part and a digital version of this can be found at

The event was jointly funded by the IOP East Anglia branch, The Cavendish Laboratory and THe Cambridge Physics Centre with further support from The MathsWorks and TTP.

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