Three Minute Wonder Competition

4 March 2013

The Three Minute Wonder competition ran for its second year at the Pippard Lecture Theatre this February.

Winner accepting his award

The competition which is organized and hosted by the East Anglian Branch Committee was a resounding success with some fantastic presentations giving the audience something the chew over.

There were five presentations in total:

  • Mr Michael Conterio: Creating individual particles of light
  • Mr. Piran R Kidambi: Graphene growth by CVD
  • Jon London: How to drive a rocket car - and live
  • Mr S J Gregson: Why are we even here? 
  • Peter Florence: When Physics is Like Legos

All of a very high quality and showing some fantastic research. with a combination of judges scores and audience clapometer it turned out to be a very close competition with the winner in the lead by just 1.5 points.

The winner with the Prize of £250 was Mr Sam J Gregson with his presentation on Why Are We Even Here? The runner up with the prize of £100 was Jon London with his presentation on How to drive a rocket car and live.

The Judging panel consisted of Paul Hardaker (CEO IOP, classification: Research judge), Roger Wise (TWI, classification: Industry judge) and Ben Valsler (Naked Scientists, classification: communication judge).

A selection of positive feedback we received from the judges and audience members included: 

  • "Communicating the basic principles of some very complex modern research in physics in just three minutes is a real challenge. These contestants managed it with the help of some carefully chosen analogies which provided us all with some fun and entertainment."
  • "I was very impressed at the quality of the science and the presentation skills from those that took part in the competition. They made it very tough for the judges and a very enjoyable event for the rest of the audience."
  • "This is an important initiative by the Branch to improve the quality of research presentations and should be strongly encouraged."