East Anglia Branch

The East Anglia Branch is one of fourteen regional branches of the Institute of Physics.

It has been established to organise lectures, meetings and conferences for its members in the East Anglia region, and also works locally to promote physics, physics education and public understanding of physics.

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Physics Fest Ipswich
Family fun day. Northgate High School

Physics Fest Chelmsford
Anglia Ruskin University. Family fun day for all things physics.

Fibre Optic Communication: How Ipswich is leading the World
14 September, 5pm, Kesgrave High School, Ipswich

Electric Plasmas - What on earth do they do?
This talk will be about some of the curious non-equilibrium science that is associated with electric plasmas.

Novel imaging of cancer: exciting and detecting new contrast
This talk will introduce the latest technologies for optical imaging that are being exploited in the fight against cancer by an award-winning researcher in the field.

East Anglia Business Lecture: Regenerative Medicine
1 July, 6pm, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

Our Dynamic Sun
An IOP / CSES lecture for the public. Our Dynamic Sun, Dr Helen Mason. 1 July, 7pm, Anglia Ruskin.

Suffolk Show 2015
The Ipswich Centre will be at the Suffolk Show Trinity Park Ipswich in Half Term. 27-28 May, Trinity Park Showground, Ipswich.

Rosie - The Spacecraft Engineer
Spacecraft engineer Rosie will be talking about her work on Rosetta and more. 11 June, Kesgrave High School, Ipswich.

Superconductors in the 21st Century
The latest APSS talk in Cambridge. 22 April 2015