European Optical Society

The IOP is a member of the European Optical Society (EOS). EOS serves as the joint forum for all individuals, companies, organisations, educational institutions, and learned and professional societies, who recognise the opportunity and challenge that a common European base provides for the development of optics in its broadest sense. It seeks to provide a powerful joint representation through concerted efforts which include:

  • supporting the dissemination of knowledge about the use and value of optics to the general public, industry, media, and on the political level
  • coordinating optics conferences and publications in Europe
  • enhancing the professional standing of individuals working in optics
  • promoting European educational standards in optics in education, training, and examination at all levels
  • supporting the progress and application of optics by influencing European R+D policy, fostering the exchange of students and professionals, and promoting employment in optics throughout Europe
  • acting as the forum for the European professional and learned societies for the collection and dissemination of information, for the coordination of policies, and for joint ventures

Wherever possible, the EOS seeks to achieve these aims by coordinating and strengthening the activities of existing organisations and bodies rather than by creating new ones.