Travel Grant and Sponsorship scheme

The Institute is jointly involved and promotes the following travel grant award program/conference sponsorship links which are intended to encourage collaborations with physicists in developing countries.

  1. IUPAP Conference Sponsorship form for (Commission C13 Physics for Development)
  2. EPS Interdivisional Group of Physics for Development
  3. SESAME Travel Award Programme
  4. IUPAP Travel Grant Programme (PDF, 21 KB)
  5. ICTP - Grants for Scientific Meetings Programme to be organized in Developing Countries
  6. TWAS - Programmes for Scientists in Developing Countries
  7. ICO - Co-sponsorship and Endorsement of Conferences and Schools

IUPAP Visiting Scientist opportunity
The programme will provide assistance aimed at helping research groups or institutions in developing countries benefit from interactions with experts in research groups or institutions in other countries. The programme seeks to establish long-term productive partnerships between the visiting scientists and the host institutions. It will support opportunities for scientists at institutions in a developing country to invite expert visitors from other countries to advise and work with the scientists and their students on projects that will advance the research and educational efforts in the developing country. The first exchange visitors will be able to apply for funding from September.