Co-funded projects

In order to achieve greater impact on our international development activities the Institute partners with other similar organisations within the UK and internationally who share the IOP’s vision. Some of the co-funded projects the IOP is working on are:

The IOP is currently in the process of developing a new project with the charity LabAid. Schools in existing Physics for Development projects, such as the ones in Rwanda and Angola, will be able to benefit from donations of old lab equipment made to LabAid. The IOP will support the project through sponsoring the shipping costs from the UK to Africa.

Book Aid

The IOP will be working with Book Aid International to support their book donation programme in sub-Saharan African countries. The IOP is funding the purchase of undergraduate physics text books, which will then be send to university libraries in such countries as Sudan or Somalia.

The IOP is committed to join APS and EPS in supporting the SESAME project. The SESAME Project is constructing the Middle East's first major international research centre as a cooperative venture by the scientists and governments of the region. It is being developed under the umbrella of UNESCO.

Pictures from the project's inauguration October 2008:

last edited: February 14, 2012