Future STEM Business Leaders

The Future STEM Business Leaders programme has one aim; to use the transformational nature of physics to encourage students to apply their scientific training to solve local problems, through the creation of science based business.

Our programme encourages students at the secondary level in Tanzania, to apply their scientific training to solve local challenges. Through this, students discover opportunities beyond the scope of traditional pathways, develop their business knowledge and how it can be applied to their education, and develop a broad range of skills to enhance their career prospects.

Our partners

Our in-country partners play a crucial role in the development and running of the programme. Their local knowledge and passion to raise awareness of the connection between science and business is invaluable.

The programme began with a partnership with the physics department at the University of Dar es Salaam and has grown to include the Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi), several businesses and secondary schools throughout Tanzania and donors, without whom this work would not be possible.

Dr George Mulamula, Chief Executive of DTBi says: "students need a foundation that integrates the applied and practical aspects of STEM. Doing this at the school level ensures that students are better prepared to be innovative and entrepreneurial at university, which in turn makes it easier for students to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that solve community problems".

Students Working with Business Mentors
Students working with business mentors at the Future STEM Business Leaders programme


Our impact

In the short term our impact measures are clear; for both students and teachers to increase their understanding of the pervasiveness of physics in their daily lives, and the link between science and business, in support of future career choices and pathways.

In the long term our impact will be measured through our students and the choices they make as a result of this training; several plan to continue their engagement with science and aspire to start a business that helps solve a local problem within their communities.

Tanzania Business Leaders Programme
Science communication at the Future STEM Business Leaders programme


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