Teaching the teacher in Bukinda

31 May 2012

A team comprising John Nunn, Steve Conduit and Stephen Wright conducted a very successful physics teacher training course at the IOP Centre, Bukinda, Uganda from April 23 to 28, 2012.

Ugandans doing physics

Thirty five teachers and technicians were trained during the week and another five during a separate outreach day at Rubuguri not far from the Congo/Uganda border. John's presentation of his Virtual Physics Laboratory disc and Steve's expertise as a laboratory technician were very well received.

Steve Conduit brought ample supplies to construct a continuity tester, a device for generating standing waves and materials for the teachers to make a rotating neodymium magnet and a paper cup microphone/speaker.  

Virtual Lab discs were also distributed to class members by John Nunn from NPL, which allowed them to see clear, detailed simulations of many experiments across the syllabus.  

They are an invaluable teaching and revision aid, very much appreciated and enjoyed by the class members.

The last afternoon session of 3 hours on Friday was devoted to how National Practical Examinations are marked, explained by a course member and an invited experienced examiner.  

It is essential for a Ugandan physics teacher to understand the marking scheme if he or she is to obtain good exam results.

All the considerable domestic arrangements at the Apostles of Jesus Seminary, where the IOP Centre is based, were made by the Centre Manager, Mpamizo Gonzaga.

Teaching in Uganda

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