Physics ‘circus’ held in Bukinda

16 February 2012

Stephen Wright, the Coordinator for Uganda, travelled to Bukinda on 15 August to conduct a five day IOP sponsored physics course at the newly established IOP Centre in the Bukinda Seminary.

Physics ‘circus’ held in Bukinda

The course comprised a ‘circus’ of 16 experiments which 20 local secondary school physics teachers performed in pairs.  

There was time for open discussions to give some participants the opportunity to present their results to the rest of the course.  

Members appreciated the chance to use a G-M tube and counter, the ultrasound equipment, various power supplies and the CRO, all of which required 240V mains supply.  

They also valued the opportunity to do some UNEB AL practical questions which did not require anything more elaborate than could be found in most schools in Uganda.

Physics ‘circus’ held in Bukinda 2

The course was supported by Mpamizo Gonzaga, manager of the IOP Centre and Byamugisha Alex, who did much of the local organisation, and Wodidi Moses, an experienced teacher, examiner and University lecturer.  

Moses gave two invaluable talks on how practical exams are marked in Uganda.  

This was detailed information essential for physics teachers if their pupils are to obtain good AL marks.

Stephen said that, “The course could not have taken place without the active support of the Rector and the staff domestic of the Seminary. I am very grateful for their support.”