South Sudan Coordinator reports on his latest visit to Juba

10 December 2013

My return to South Sudan coincided with Baroness Caroline Cox’s visit to the Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School (JDMSS) where the IOP Resource Centre is based.

Optics kit

The main aim of my visit was to train a new science technician, David Kenyi, to construct kits of Physics apparatus. These will be used in the 2014 Practical Science Training Courses with teachers who will each return to their schools with a set of electricity, optics, energy and forces apparatus, which they have been fully trained to use with their students.  

David has proved to be a fast competent learner, keen to produce a good quality end product. I am grateful that Noel, the former science technician, who is now studying at the University of Juba, is keen to give of his time to help David in my absence.

The Episcopal Church of Sudan Education Secretary, Emmanual Lomoro, took me to meet Edward Kokole, the Government of South Sudan(GoSS) Director of Teacher Education and Training, who was instrumental in the IOP for Africa starting our work in South Sudan. Although primary education has been a priority and the education of girls will take centre stage in the next two years, Edward considered our project to be highly significant, as there is a need for good quality secondary education to following on from primary and there is a vital need for both students and teachers to be enthused in the practical sciences if this young nation is to develop its own talent of young adults - adults capable of maximising the great potential of their homeland, which is rich in untapped resources.

I am grateful to all those who are involved in this initiative, both in South Sudan and in the UK, either with their participation or their support. Back home in England we will remain active to ensure our small contribution to the future of this wonderful young nation bears fruit that will last.

Gerry Blake
South Sudan Coordinator, IOP for Africa

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