Practical physics training takes place in Rwanda

19 August 2013

During the week of 13-20th August 2013, David Richardson and Ellie Kirby travelled to Rwanda to visit the project at Ndera and take part in a week of training.

The aim this year was to push the project forward to promote class practical work, rather than just demonstration work from the front of the classroom.

We visited 9 schools in 5 days, meeting and training 14 teachers, and team teaching over 500 students. We used apparatus produced at the Ndera Workshop by the two technicians to make 12 sets of apparatus that we carried in suitcases to the schools. 


At each school we talked to the teachers about the experiments themselves, and about good strategies for doing class practical work.

Working in classes with 60 students, 12 groups of 5 working together, presents challenges to organise and enable the students to carry out the experiments. We were both impressed by the excellent attitude of the pupils, and the willingness and enthusiasm of the teachers to enable their pupils to do the practical work.

The second part of our visit was to develop the local project to be able to lend apparatus to local schools in class sets. This would allow local schools to come and borrow class sets of apparatus for up to 1 month to use with their students. 

There is enough apparatus at the Ndera Workshop to be able to lend out 10 sets of each experiment. The job of advertising, distributing and training to be able to use the apparatus will happen over the next 12 months.

Practical physics training takes place in Rwanda

We are all excited about the number of students who could benefit from this apparatus, and the positive effect this will have on their preparation for the practical exam in December.

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