Projects in Rwanda - 2005

International education and teachers training projects in Rwanda in 2005.

View the full report here. (PDF, 4MB) 

In 2005 David Richardson, a physics teacher and member of IOP, visited Rwanda.

David realized that the main problem for physics teachers at Rwandan schools was the complete lack of experimental equipment.  Funded by the IOP, David set out to put this right by donating equipment to a school in Kigali. 

The following year, a workshop was built at the same school and local staff were trained in producing physics equipment themselves for other schools in the area.  In 2007, the project was expanded further, employing a local project manager and support staff to train teachers in different schools to use the equipment in the classroom.

Since then, the project has grown considerably – first, a workshop was built and local craftsmen were trained to manufacture the equipment for schools in the area. More recently, a local project manager was employed to support teachers using equipment in the classroom.

IOP is now also endorsing ICT teaching in Rwandan schools by providing teachers with the right training and equipment to help them sustain their own development. This will allow them to take greater advantage of supporting resources, in addition to the practical work in the school laboratory.



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