Practical physics workshop takes place in Malawi

2 October 2013

In 2013, a new physics workshop for Forms 3 and 4, was successfully conducted from 29.7.2013 – 3.8.2013. Eleven teachers were trained, three of which were women. All of them received teaching and demonstrating materials for their schools.

Malawi blog: 2 Oct 13

The workshop also involved one session requiring the teachers to present an experiment from the IOP book Teaching Physics Anywhere, which they could later conduct with their own class. 

Two of the teachers attending the workshop were from a different region, namely the South Thyolo district. 

The workshop ended with a lively discussion session about the content of the workshop itself, the needs of the teachers and further ideas for equipment needed.

Malawi blog: 2 Oct 13

The general feedback received was that the workshop had been useful, since the teachers got the opportunity to perform all the experiments themselves. All teachers rated the equipment received as extremely helpful and couldn’t wait to collaborate again in the future.


Download Teaching Practical Physics Anywhere (PDF, 48 MB)

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