Training Centre build in progress

16 February 2012

In 2011 Ripple Africa raised in excess of 16k to fund the cost of building an IOP training and information centre, which will also serve as a school laboratory for Kapanda Community Day Secondary School.

training centre

The exterior of the building is now complete and by March 2012 it will be fully furnished, fitted with solar panels and stocked with loaning equipment with generous funding from the IOP.

Discussions are underway with the Malawi Ministry of Educations regarding hiring a centre manager. 

It is clear that this individual will eventually have to be employed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), while their salary will be paid by IOP for the first 9 years. 

It is important for the future of the project that the MOE agree to continue with this role after IOP is finished with the project. Negotiations with the MOE are continuing.

We’d like to thank IOP for Africa, Ripple Africa and the Nkhata Bay District Education Manager for supporting this project. 

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