Teachers get to grips with electronics

2 October 2013

“I have gained high level of confidence through this course which will enable me to teach electronic theory effectively” Anastasia Amenumey, a Junior High School Teacher from the Ada district.

Ghana: Ada

“I am now well motivated to engage my pupils in practical lessons through demonstrations and activities,”  Michael Ligbidi, an Integrated Science Teacher from the  Ada District.

All 41 teachers who attended the three day course commented that they would welcome more courses on a range of physics topics. Their enthusiasm throughout the workshop was outstanding. What was particularly heartening was their desire to go back and teach their students in a more practical way. The tutors were particularly pleased that 8 women teachers attended, still a minority, but the proportion is improving with every course the IOP organize in Ada.

Ghana: Ada

The Principal of the Ada Teacher Training College visited every day and gave the IOP volunteers the most generous  support including a welcome at the airport, and free transport to and from the IOP Centre in Ada, a three hour drive away. In the future we hope to build links with the Teacher Training College and help them introduce electronics into their syllabus. 

As with previous courses, we have enjoyed the most fantastic support from Mr Tugah, Head of Ada Secondary High School, and Mr Ankora the Head of the Science Resource Centre at the school.

We have also had the wholehearted support from the District Education Officers for Ada who have promised to support IOP courses in the future. All the participants very much appreciated the presence of Dr Beth Taylor, Communications Director of the IOP who was making her first visit to the Ada IOP Centre since it was opened by Dame Professor Bell Burnell in May 2010.

Roger Green, IOP International Co-ordinator for Ghana

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