Projects in Ghana - 2010

International education and teachers training projects in Ghana in 2010

IOP Electronics Course at Ghana Association of Science Teachers Conference
31 August - 1 September 2010

Roger Green IOP Ghana coordinator and Consultant with the International Training and Educational Consultancy (ITEC) was invited to speak at the opening ceremony of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST). The conference was held at Presbyterian Boys School in Accra from the 31 August to the 4 September.

Full report (PDF, 37 KB)


Astronomy Course
IOP Ada Centre and the Ghana Plenetarium
27 - 28 July 2010

Astronomy workshop

More than thirty students from Ada Secondary High School enjoyed two days attending an Astronomy Course organised by the International Technology Educational Consultancy and the Ghana Planetarium. The course was introduced by Dr Ashong from the Ghana Planetarium . 

Students used a simple folding paper model to give them an overview of the distances between the orbits of the planets. They also had an opportunity to use and compare two different types of telescopes - the Galileoscope a very simple refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope. 

Reflector telescope

Students also investigated convex lenses of different focal lengths and constructed a simple telescope. The following day 36 students and 3 teachers visited the Accra Planetarium in Accra and viewed a number of videos on such topics as the night sky and origins of the universe. 

There was no charge for the two day course which was jointly sponsored by Institute of Physics and an educational consultancy company (International Training and Educational Consultancy ) which has been involved in science education in Ghana for a number of years very involved in science education in Ghana.

William and Charles Appiah

The  IOP and the Ghana Education service have established a Physics and Electronics Centre at Ada on the banks of the great Volta estuary.  The Centre has a large laboratory area with office and a workshop.  

The Centre was opened by the President of the IOP Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell in May 2010.

The workshop is situated in Ada Secondary High School which is a Government funded school  in an area where there is a real need for improving the provision for physics education.

Full report (PDF, 202 KB)

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