Teachers receive exam training

26 June 2012

IOP’s international coordinator for Gambia, Laurie Mansfield, timed his visit to Sifoe to coincide with the Gambian Senior Secondary School teachers currently preparing students for the Physics practical examination called WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination).

Teachers receive exam training

This examination taken in The Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Ghana is very important as it is a pre-university requirement equivalent to the A-level in the UK.

Three one-day workshops were held in March at the Gambia IOP - jole rider Physics Centre. The majority of schools sent representatives, including schools in regions 3, 4, 5 and 6, which are the furthest from the capital (regions in Gambia are referred to by their number). Twenty teachers received the training which was also attended by Babou Joof from the Directorate of Science and Technology Education, and Adolf Dzasimatu (WASSCE).

Olajide Olaitan, the Sifoe Head of Science advised on which experiments were most important, essentially based on the following:

  • An electrical problem: Potentiometer or metre bridge
  • A light problem: Using a rectangular or triangular prism
  • A mechanics problem: Based on a spring system; Hooke’s Law and simple harmonic motion

Equipment sufficient to operate four groups at a time was organised and local schools were contacted to seek unused metre bridges and centre-zero galvanometers.

All participants were asked for their email addresses and other contact details. Subsequently they were all subscribed to the newly established IOP Gambia Teachers Network.

The feedback from participants was excellent, with those from the ‘upcountry’ schools particularly enthusiastic about the prospects of further training.

The assistance of Babou Joof (DSTE) and Adolf Dzasimatu (WASSCE) was especially welcomed and invaluable in giving their long experience of the examination scene in The Gambia.

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